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Getting More and More Yards

Getting More and More Yards

Just think only thirty seconds of running and a full minute’s rest. May the wings of   Mercury be at your feet.

On a football Football Fieldfield, run the length of the field and try to get back in thirty seconds (some will). Record your distance. Rest one minute between each of eight workbouts. It’s your race beat youself.

Minimum goals by position for eight, thirty second intervals:

OL – 160 yards         TE – 180 yards

DL – 170 yards         RB – 190 yards

LB – 180 yards        WR – 195 yards

QB– 180 yards         DB – 195 yards

Sled Push

Indiana University Weight Room

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Grip Force

A solid grip has repeatedly been tied to having a healthier and longer life and without question is a huge factor in almost all  athletics. Recent studies shed light on the intricate relationship between hand strength and overall athletic performance....

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The human body is described as having 6 degrees of freedom for each of its segments. Degrees of freedom refers to the number of ways a rigid body can move in three-dimensional space, up/down, left/right,  in/out and in 3 rotations;...

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