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Getting Strong In Hazel Park

 If you are from Hazel Park, Michigan you certainly know about Steve Fraser the 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist in Greco Roman wrestling, Bill Virdon starting center fielder for the 1960 World Champion Pittsburgh Pirates and Connor Barwin LB for the Houston Texans.  Great athletes have come from this small community.  With their new Pendulum purchases, it looks like Hazel Park High School is about to develop some more great athletes.

Pendulum Equipment

Pendulum Equipment

Pendulum Equipment


Grip Force

A solid grip has repeatedly been tied to having a healthier and longer life and without question is a huge factor in almost all  athletics. Recent studies shed light on the intricate relationship between hand strength and overall athletic performance....

Freedom To Excel

The human body is described as having 6 degrees of freedom for each of its segments. Degrees of freedom refers to the number of ways a rigid body can move in three-dimensional space, up/down, left/right,  in/out and in 3 rotations;...

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