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Give 100% Toward Everything You Put Your Hand To

Give 100% Toward Everything You Put Your Hand To                Michigan Football TeamMike Gittleson was the Director of Strength & Conditioning at the University of Michigan for 30 years and was a part of 15 Football Championships in that time. He explains, what you do speaks so well.

As a coach in the off season after every run I would huddle the players and read or tell them something that I felt was important to their growth. This would often require extensive preparation and memorization on my part, and if the message was particularly meaningful memorization on their part.

I spent a great deal of my evenings during my career reading and studying to find appropriate communique. To me the significance of the point presented after the run was an important part of the development of the ‘will’ of each athlete.  After all, to continually compete for the championship of your conference requires a special resolve and discipline.  Make no mistake the athletes  were in college and there to learn more than just weight training and running.

TylerTyler Hobson the inventor of Pendulum sent me a note and in it he described his father.  I think his description of his Dad and his beliefs would be worth reading to your athletes.

Kentucky Weight RoomKentucky Weight Room

He believed that a man should do what he said he would, and that you should give 100% toward everything you put your hand to.  He was a man that believed the products of your efforts was a signature for everyone to read, and it should be something you are proud of. At the end of the day you could rest knowing you gave your best, you held nothing back.

Weight Room

University Of Florida Weight Room

Giving 100% toward everything you put your hand to is the way to Get Strong.


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