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Got It Rocking In East Rockaway

 Got It Rocking In East Rockaway  

Ken LeistnerIf you are into strength training you know Dr. Ken Leistner…. a prolific writer….”Physical Development”,”Ironman Magazine”, “Milo”, “HardTraining”, “Powerlifting~USA” and his own, “The Steel Tip Newsletter”.  He trains some of America’s greatest lifters and athletes, all the while running his practice in East Rockaway, New York.

Dr. Ken Leistner is shown working with Oceanside NY High School sophomore noseguard Maxwell Schneider. Max has gained fifty-five pounds of functional bodyweight in approximately sixteen months while earning a starting position for Coach Rob Blount’s successful Oceanside Sailors football team.

Max is also carrying an academic average of 96.83 for the 2011-2012 academic year, indicating that in the classroom and on the field, he has embraced the concept of pursuing excellence and giving maximal effort. The Pendulum Squat has been an integral part of his training program since his initial session.

Coach and Student

Pendulum Workout

Pendulum Workout

Pendulum Workout

Photos Courtesy Of Kathy Leistner


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