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Getting A Grasp on Grip

Grasping an object for v arious tasks requires different coordination and different strength requirements. We utilize combinations of fingers and the wrists to augment the holding, pulling, squeezing, lifting and manipulating of objects.  Applying the needed force with each function requires adjustments in body position, arm position, grip span and the interaction between each digit, all factors in maneuvering.

Rock climbing wall

Developing grip strength fully, necessitates multiple exercises that strengthen each digit singularly or in groups for flexing, extending, abducting and adducting the hands.

Grip competition

Finger Ab/Adduction from the Tip of the Handle to the Weight Plates. Try this to See if Your Fingers are Strong.

The Pendulum Grip Cart is loaded with the tools necessary to maximize the strength of each digit. There is equipment to train power grips, hook grips, pinch grips, precision grips, adduction, abduction and the musculature of the wrists and forearms. 

Train the entire system which includes each digit to Get Strong.

Pendulum Grip Cart

The Pendulum Grip Cart


A Pulling Machine

A tremendously popular exercise to train the latissimus dorsi and associated muscles is the pulldown movement. Coaches, athletes, trainers and gym enthusiasts all use a variety of grips to target areas of the back that they want or need to...

Manual Training Has Rules

In 1979 Manual Resistance was introduced at the National  Strength and Conditioning Convention. Weight training’s ability to enhance athletic performance had become accepted and coaches were beginning to be hired by major sports programs. Facilities everywhere were extremely limited or...

Powerful Hands

The hand is a complex anatomical system. This appendage is composed of twenty seven bones and fifteen joints. Having 30 degrees of rotational and translational freedom it’s able to grasp and apply force to objects of multivarious shapes and sizes....