The farmers' walk is a tremendous driver of grip strength. Training this exercise can also reduce ground contact time, increase stride length, stride rate and strengthen the back, hips and shoulders. Dumbbells, olympic bars, trap bars, kettlebells, olympic plates, logs and more are all tools used to train, challenge or compete with when doing the farmers walk.

The following is a way to improve one’s grasping strength using this challenging movement:

*The first workout, select a distance and weight you are to carry said implements without stopping, dropping or setting them down.

  • Rest one minute  -

*Once accomplished, immediately go to the Pendulum Grip Pro and do 10- 15 reps with the heaviest weight that can be handled.

The Next and all Following Workouts

*Before beginning the farmers walk, start with the Pendulum Grip Pro using the 10-15 rep weight.

  • Rest one minute  -

*Begin the walk with the goal of completing without setting the weight down.

  • Rest one minute -

*The farmers walk completed, once again do 10- 15 reps on the Pendulum Grip Pro. 


Add weight to the farmers walk implement onlywhen able to complete the walk without stopping to rest or dropping the weight.

Add weight to the Pendulum Grip Pro when you reach 15 reps whether before or after the walk or even if during the walk the implements had to be set down.

A great way to Get Strong.

The Pendulum Gip Pro and Farmers Walk