When your hands are strong, you are strong.  In athletics, the hands grab a stick, bat, ball or adversary.  In contact sports like football and wrestling your opponent feels your strength as you grasp.  When your hands get stronger you can pick up heavier things and all other muscle groups grow.

Grip Cart

Shaking your opponents hand prior to the contest delivers a message.  A strong hand relays the confidence that you are there to compete.


Pendulum Grip

Strong Grip

 Functional strength is what we are interested in when we train athletes and much of sport and the preparation for competition requires exceptional hand, forearm and finger power to engage the rest of our body systems.

To fully train and strengthen the structures that are responsible for the variety of ways we grip and hold on to objects requires tools.  Most facilities have wrist rollers, grippers, sand bags, heavy objects or gripping machines.  The Rogers Athletic Heavy Hands Grip Cart provides a movable storage area for these tools and clear message for your athletes.......... It is here we Get our hands, forearms and fingers Strong

Heavy Hands Grip Cart