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Grip Classifications

Grip cart

In most sports the hands play a major role in the outcome, this occurs in strength development as well. We often find hand strength as an afterthought, seldom placed at the beginning of a workout with the belief that it may become disruptive to overall progress, as the lifter must focus on the major muscle groups first. Contrary to conventional thinking, periodically placing gripping exercises first in a training series can and will accelerate and enhance improvement.

In weight training grips and grasp techniques are classified to help maximize the growth of the intrinsic and extrinsic muscles. Though the classifications are more general than those used in scientific taxonomy they are important to learn and understand for strength training and rehabilitation. Having particular weightlifting tools to selectively target anatomical areas is key. Having strong hands can change athleticism, change the outcome of competition and at worst development of a powerful grip can allow you to bend steel – Get the hands Strong.

Over the next several blogs the following weight training grip classifications will be discussed:

  1. Power Grip

  2. Hook Grip

  3. Ball or Sphere Grip

  4. Pinch Grip

  5. Finger Ab/Adduction

  6. Precision Grip

  7. Wrist Flexion/Extension

Rogers Grip Cart
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