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Grip Force

A man using a gripping tool

The forces applied by the thumb and the four fingers on a hand held object when balanced and normal to the contact surface are collectively called grip force. The action of the fingertips and the wrist functioning together show interdependence on force production. Wrist angle and finger participation both affect apparatus manipulation. A gripping device that allows fingertip and thumb to work against the palm results in a high grip force.

The Pendulum Gripper

With a wide gripping implement, fingertip and thumb force are actually now working against each other. This results in little reaction force on the palm of the hand, accounting for a lower capability of grip force yet augmentation of digital power.

To maximully develop the potential strength of the hands train regularly on the Pendulum Gripper and continually choose implements that require varied finger locations, spacing and widths.

Use the Grip Cart to Build Strength in the Hands, Fingers and Wrist


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