The skeletal muscular system is involved in much more than locomotion; it is also a complex organ system.  Skeletal muscles are enmeshed in heat regulation, blood movement, balance, and the health of the entire anatomical system.

An indicator of overall muscle strength and how much muscle mass an individual has acquired historically has been assessed through grip strength.  Scientists, physical therapists and physicians have used hand-held dynamometers to measures overall muscle power fairly accurately.  Having more muscle in the upper body means there is probably more in your lower body as well.  If muscle strength is abnormally low it can be predicted that an individual is further down the road to frailty later in life.  The American Medical Association indicates that men with good hand grip strength in "midlife"  report much less disability related to muscle strength twenty years later. 

Measuring the gripping strength of the hands is also an indicator of nutritional status, bone mineral content, and functional integrity of the upper extremity.  Low handgrip strength has been consistently linked to health complications, symptoms of depression, obesity, cervical spinal cord lesions, and even  premature mortality.  Getting Strong and staying strong throughout life has tremendous benefits. 

 Pendulum Gripper Strength

 The Pendulum Gripper