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A Grip Test

The amount of force you have when you clench your hand around an object can be a game changer in most athletic events. A simple test of one’s grip strength can enhance its development. The following is a strategy that can be used to improve a team’s hand gripping power.

Team Grip Testing:

First find out which athlete can hold the greatest amount of weight on the Pendulum Power Grip Pro with absolutely zero handle movement for 90 seconds.

1). The goal is to find the greatest load the strongest athlete on the team can hold for the allotted time.

2). Using the foot pad on the Power Grip Pro the athlete presses out with a selected weight, closing the grip handles.  The trainee is to hold the grip handles closed without any movement of the handles for 90 seconds.

No Movement of the Handles

3). Once the greatest load for the team is found each athlete then time tests their holding ability against the strongest athlete’s 90 second load and the number of seconds of each competitor’s results is recorded.

An example that may occur when a young athlete enters a program and is tested against the heaviest load and timed.

      Athlete 1 – 58 second hold – same wt.

      Athlete 2 – 58 second hold – same wt. 

      Athlete 3 – 50 second hold – same wt.

      Athlete 4 – 47 second hold – same wt,

.     Athlete 5 – 45 second hold – same wt.

      Athlete 6 – 42 second hold – same wt.

      Athlete 7 – 39 second hold – same wt.

      Athlete 8 – 27 second hold – same wt.

      Athlete 9 – 15 second hold – same wt.

      Athlete 5 –   4 second hold – same wt.

4) Set a date for the next 90 second hold test. 

5). The heaviest weight used for testing if beaten remains the same for 1 year. 

6). After testing and ranking regular hand strength training resumes. You will find team members will periodically test themselves on the Pendulum Power Grip Pro getting ready for the next testing date. You will also find overall team hand strength will dramatically improve.

Test on the Pendulum Power Grip Pro

Get the hands Strong.


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