3-Way Row Oversized Grip Handles

Research demonstrates  grip force is highly dependent on handle geometry. Normal force and contact area can be explained by the interaction between handle size and hand sizeMuch engineering goes into acquiring the appropriate handle dimensions and the relationship of the human structure when building a Pendulum exercise device. Having the correct fit for the trainee accelerates growth in the targeted muscular area. Hand/finger anthropometrics, finger displacement, body stability and grasp force coordination all contribute to maximum force production.

Though a grip handle can be normalized for the general population, hand size variability is commonplace.  For some with very large hands a thicker handle actually allows for the application of greater force when grasping. On selected equipment such as the chest press and overhead press increased surface areas are positive for all.

The Pendulum 3-Way Row has what are deemed oversized grip handles that simply slide on to the machine. For athletes with a large grip span the handle feels normal and they are capable of performing more repetitions at a given weight. Check them out and Get your athletes Stronger.

Simply Slip them On or Slip them Off

Consider  Grasp Force When Training