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Hand Strength and Elbow Flexors

Hand Strength and Elbow Flexors

Training the extrinsic and intrinsic muscle of the hand as well as the elbow flexors is a good thing.

WorkoutBegin with a one arm dumbbell hammer curl.  Your goal is 12-15 perfect repetitions, pausing at the top for a full second on each rep and lowering the weight under control.  The key to a hammer curl is the wrist cannot bend in any way during the movement nor should the body lean.  Based on your wrist you will know exactly how high to raise the weight.

Person using grip machine

Following the hammer curl, on a gripper do 50 straight reps.

With the same dumbbells you performed a one arm hammer curl use both arms and execute the  movement once again.  Do as many reps as possible.

Person using grip machine

Return to the gripper.  With the weight you used for 50 reps close the handles holding them tightly closed for as long as possible.  There should be absolutely no discernible movement of the handles.  The handles should remain still, touching one another.  Time this isometric exercise.

Bicep Curl

Upon completion of the isometric hold, pick up a barbell that you can achieve 12-15 reps and do a bicep curl.

1. One Arm Dumbbell Hammer Curl … 12-15 reps

2. Gripper… 50 reps

3. Two Arm Dumbbell Hammer Curl…max reps same weight as exercise #1

4. Gripper…hold for time…same weight as exercise #2

5. Barbell Bicep Curl…12-15 reps

Ease into this routine, it is a very aggressive way to augment the musculature of the hands and the flexors of the elbows.  Get Strong.


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