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Hard Work

Woman working out with pendulum equipment

Periodically prolonging the muscle time under tension to obtain complete muscle fibre recruitment is a strategy used by coaches in strength training.  Complete muscle recruitment is an important driver of myofibrillar protein synthesis.  Volume, load × repetitions or dose- response, also affects the length of protein synthesis and cellular proliferation.

Forcing Reps on The Pendulum Lat Combo Pull

Hard work is what you do after you already have given your best.  Hard work is above and beyond what you expected to occur.  The uncertainty of when you are to finish increases the difficulty.  Hard work will Get you Strong.

An Unexpected Additional Exercise after the Pulldown


Getting Ahead of Extension

The tricep brachii is a single muscular unit with three distinct heads: the medial, the lateral and long heads. It functions as a powerful extensor of the upper extremity. Each head has a different fatigue rate and each head becomes...

Livonia Franklin High School
2024 CSCCa

A morning workout on the Pendulum Rack System at the College Strength and Conditioning Show in Fort Worth, Texas. The strength coaches are Staying Strong. The Pendulum Rack System