Association Of Oldtime Barbell And Strongmen

describe the imageAttending the AOBS dinner in New Jersey is quite interesting. At the hotel and throughout the evening you have a chance to visit with some of the greatest strength performers throughout the world.

In casual conversations you can learn tips about  training. It is  fun to listen to the avenues that these athletes take to enhance their enormous strength.

After the dinner ends strongmen bend steel in the lobby of the Marriott until the wee hours of the morning.


This year about 300 people attended to honor the great Dennis Rogers, the Grandmaster of Strongman.  Following the reception the young strongmen of America put on quite a show.

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They ripped up New York City phone books

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They busted baseball bats across their heads

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They bent steel while held in their mouths


They rolled up steel


They snapped chains


They drove spikes through 3 inch planks with their hands


What you learn is that we have a long way to go in developing the hand strength of our athletes that play sport. Those that attend to hand strength will change the game. Get Strong!

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