Erik McKay is the owner of NO BULL! STRENGTH & PERFORMANCE, located on Bull Run Road in Fowlerville, Michigan. He has a wonderful facility, it is a great place to Get Strong.

Coach Erik McKay
Coach Erik Mckay

Finding the correct amount of exercise to promote positive adaptation, whether it be muscle growth, fat loss, strength gains, rehabilitation or fitness in a minimum amount of time is what No Bull Strength and Performance is about.

Whether you have a disability or are a novice or experienced you will get stronger and this will occur in less time than you imagined.  Each trainee is guided through every aspect of every training session.  Make an appointment and check it out!

Phone: (517) 8194882

Erik is of Scottish heritage and besides running his facility he is currently training for a trip to Scotland. His goal is to lift what are called the Dinnie Stones. Dinnie Stones are a pair of large Scottish lifting stones embedded with ring handles that only a few have lifted. The stones have a combined weight of 733 pounds.

In 1860 strongman Donald Dinnie lifted the two giant stones and carried them across the width of the Potarch Bridge in Potarch, Aberdeenshire. Many have tried to carry and few have even lifted the 733 pound pair. You can apply to lift and must provide credible evidence that you can deadlift a minimum of 661 lbs without any type of lifting aid.

Erik is currently able to deadlift 650 lbs for two reps and has changed his looks to reflect the early Scottish warrior as part of his desire to accomplish the ensuing difficult task. Barring injury he is well on his way to Potarch.

Yes, you must have great deadlifting ability, yet without question Erik McCay understands a key to his chance for a successful Dinnie Stone outing will be having an abnormally strong grip.

Erik McKay training on the Pendulum Grip Pro
Erik Training on the Pendulum Grip Pro

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