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Hip Press Seat Height

Michigan Football Team

Mike Gittleson was the Director of Strength & Conditioning at   the University of Michigan for 30 years and was a part of 15 Football Championships in that time. He explains, When  Pendulum brought me their first Hip Press to try I was doubting and questioning and much to my surprise I had to have it.

When Pendulum was first starting I was asked to try the new Hip Press machine. I was uninterested and very skeptical as the company was unestablished at the time and I already had 10 other leg pressing devices as part of our facility and was satisfied. 

A close friend of mine who had experienced the Hip Press had to talk me into giving the machine a try, as I thought I knew too much and was being stubborn.  The machine was driven to   our facility from Texas and loaned to us for the summer.

Pendulum Hip Press

One of the First Pendulum Hip Presses

At the time the strength training rules were different, lifting groups were not needed as we had an unlimited strength coaching staff and were able to train each athlete in pairs or individually throughout the day. 

I instructed each coach how to use the new Hip Press; regarding foot placement, having the weight carriage an inch over the lockouts, bringing the knees towards the shoulders, keeping the back and lower spine pressed against the pad.

It was early in the off-season and it took a few weeks of training to get everyone fitted and lifted on the machine, as there was only one Hip Press and over 100 football players. After several weeks almost every player that was properly fitted in the Hip Press for seat height that I had not trained and  was now lifting, their seat placement was found to be wrong! It was hard to believe and did not make sense. I was at first angry and had a staff meeting to review the seat adjustment rules. Quickly I discovered and much to my chagrin, even the athletes I personally fitted for the proper sitting position had to be moved forward. 

What was transpiring was the team was gaining hip flexibility! It was positive. It was awesome. The players were being placed in the machine correctly and after several weeks almost all were increasing their range of motion.

Our summer ended and the opening game came, I was in my office early as we had some recruits prior to heading to the stadium. I sat waiting for a family to arrive, I noticed several players walk into the weight room and get on the Pendulum Hip Press. I jumped up and quickly proceeded towards the machine. 

“What’s up men? What are you doing? We have a game today, I said!”

Their response was, “No worries, Coach. We aren’t training. We’re doing some additional stretching prior to the game.” 

That Monday I called Pendulum and indicated I was replacing all my Leg Presses. It was a great training device, not only to Get Strong, but to improve the hips range of motion.

Pendulum Hip Press

The Hip Press

If you want to improve your athleticism the Pendulum Hip Press is the way to go.


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