One of the most common musculoskeletal injuries in athletics is the ankle sprain. Football, soccer and basketball are associated with high incidences with basketball having the highest percentage per participant.

Current research has determined that there is “a significant relationship between baseline hip strength and future non-contact lateral ankle sprain status.” Increasing hip strength is protective against risk by diminishing  the incidence of forthcoming injuries.

The Pendulum Hip Press


Though the risk of a noncontact ankle sprain always exists - it is important in strength training to understand training the hips to protect an athlete from lateral ankle sprains, although it may be counterintuitive, it is extremely important. Having bilateral hip-abductor strength increases postural control, which reduces the ankles necessity to compensate during the stresses of athletic movement.

The Pendulum Hip Press was designed to target the hips, while strengthening the legs. The great news it also helps with the hinged synovial joint in the talocrural region of our structure, best known as the ankle. Get the hips Strong