If You Do Not Train The Muscles Of The Head And Neck Do Not Expect Them To Grow                                                        

If you travel America and discuss neck training with coaches and athletes many believe they are getting sufficient neck development by doing pulls, as well as, shrugs.

In a study that was published in the Journal of Applied Physiology.  They trained two groups exactly the same with the exception that one group trained their neck extensors three days per week.  The researchers examined the neck musculature with an MRI and looked at the cross sectional area of ten muscles and their growth.

Only the group that strength trained their neck Monday, Wednesday and Friday made muscular gains of the cervical  musculature.  The researchers clearly saw the results through magnetic resonance imaging.



Both Groups on Sunday and Wednesday performed sets of

Parallel Squat

Push Press

Bench Press

Crunch Exercises

Both Groups on Monday and Thursday performed sets of

Pulls from the Mid-Thigh

Romanian Deadlifts

Bent Rows


Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Only one Group did neck extensions 3 sets of 10.

The study continued for 12 weeks and made it clear that a resistance exercise program does not provide stimulus for cervical adaptations unless specific neck exercises are performed.

Train your head and neck to Get Strong.



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