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describe the imageTyler grew up outside Anchorage, Alaska.  His experiences, education and his participation in competitive powerlifting led him to become the inventor of Pendulum Strength. He now lives in Conroe, Texas and continues to design the world's finest exercise machines. Tyler says, If you are ever down in Texas look me up.

Mike and Scott from the  Parisi Speed School here in Texas stopped by my place in Conroe, Texas to check out the Pendulum equipment.

The men from Parisi arrived at my gym after driving two hours. My goal was to share the story behind each piece that I had developed, why I had made it and how it was different and of course how would it benefit their program.

Now, my place is filled with the “firstborn”, the proto-types the heart behind the production. They have mismatched paint or none at all and sweat stained upholstery.

I must admit they stared quite skeptically, as these were prototypes and not the finished pieces you see on Rogersathletic.com.  Other than looks, the machines I was showing them felt the same.

The skepticism disappeared quickly when they sat down and performed their first rep.

tyler2 My Old School Hip Press

I asked Scott how the Hip Press felt on his spine while he was exercising?  He looked up and smiled and crossed his arms across his chest while he continued to press, “I feel no pressure on my spine and none on the knees..."  We quickly moved to the Seated Squat then to the Power Squat Pro.

On the  Power Squat Pro, we ran through a light squat challenge letting them feel the various strength curve options and I showed them some coaching tips in regards to the machine.  I was not sure about getting to aggressive as I had just met them and knowing that they still had a long drive home and that the use of the legs may be required to drive.

describe the imageAfter a good leg session, we trained on the Shoulder Press, then made our way over to the Vertical Chest Press, where we ran the rails using the S.E.T Technology. We finished with some Pulldowns and then retired to the office.

We talked a bit about the timeless debate, intensity versus volume and we all agreed that in the strength training world it is measurable results that ultimately bring home the paycheck. If I can dramatically improve results with a safer more reliable method, I have improved the environment for the client and the coach.

I thoroughly enjoy visits from coaches, trainers and gym owners who periodically stop by.

Like the old Texas folk song goes....

'If you're ever down in Texas look me up'

If you're ever down in Texas look me up
Look us up!
If you're ever down in Texas look me up
Drop around!
Where the men are men and love it,
And the girls are sure glad of it,
If you're ever down in Texas look me up



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