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Important Conference Call

Stuck at home, try this…..

Get in touch with your teammates (video conferencing) and make a standardized rule for a stationary lunge.

Example rule: The front of the knee is not allowed beyond the lower portion of the shoelaces when lowering the body. The opposite knee must remain 2 inches off the ground in a pause position for exactly 4 seconds. When 4 seconds is up the athlete returns to a semi-extended position, whereby the shin is perpendicular to the floor and the thigh extends to 45 degrees. Once at 45 degrees without stopping for rest the athlete must immediately return to the 4 second hold position.

Divide into groups. Agree upon a specific number of reps and assign a value, example -20 reps. For every perfect rep over 20 the participant receives 2 points, for every rep under 20 reps the participant deducts 2 points. Compete every Friday and use video to verify form and results. 



Manual Training Has Rules

In 1979 Manual Resistance was introduced at the National  Strength and Conditioning Convention. Weight training’s ability to enhance athletic performance had become accepted and coaches were beginning to be hired by major sports programs. Facilities everywhere were extremely limited or...

Powerful Hands

The hand is a complex anatomical system. This appendage is composed of twenty seven bones and fifteen joints. Having 30 degrees of rotational and translational freedom it’s able to grasp and apply force to objects of multivarious shapes and sizes....

Getting Back To Normal

The health practitioner’s return-to-play protocol after a concussion, whiplash, nerve or muscle trauma must contain a measurable strength component to restore each muscle to normalcy, redressing this tendency to substitute by the injured athlete.  The athlete, strength coach,  and/or trainer...