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Improving Your Squat On The Hip Press

The Pendulum Hip Press changes an athlete’s hips range of motion. This is important for many reasons, one is being stronger in the low position while squatting. The proper seat height on the Pendulum Hip Press is set by having the athlete sit up straight, then leg pressing the weight, whereby the footplates carriage arm is one inch past the lockouts.

Once seat heights are recorded for each athlete, following three weeks of training, almost all athletes who have begun exercising on the Hip Press need to reevaluate their seat heights as their hip range of motion has improved.

To augment  training and promote further adaptation an athlete may choose to finish the exercise by training to body weight failure. When no longer able to produce muscular force to overcome a specific leg pressing load, return the weight to its resting position and quickly begin the squatting motion.

Lightly hold onto the weight carriage and slowly squat upwards never fully extending your legs so that there is always muscular tension.

On each rep, which only will be a few, make sure you go as deep as possible. If done properly the most difficult part of the exercise will be trying to exit the machine! A great way to Get Strong.

Pendulum Hip Press



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