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In-School Training

Training room in a high school.
Rockford High School weight room

Brent Cummings has been a teacher at Rockford High School in Rockford, Michigan since 2004. A teacher, a strength and conditioning coordinator, and now the head football coach as well. When selected for the Rockford head football coaching position, which has a rich tradition Brent remarked, “I welcome great pressure.”

Quality physical education programs provide the foundation for healthy, active lifestyles that support all learning and help ensure success in future pursuits.

According to the American Heart Association, “Experts agree that increasing physical activity can help combat childhood obesity, yet many schools are cutting back on PE programs because of lack of resources and competing academic standards.”

Cummings coordinated the building of a facility so students have enough functional equipment for each student to actively participate.

Rockford High School weight room
Rockford High School weight room

Developing an In-School Athlete Training Program with Brent Cummings 



2024 National Conference 

The 2024 CSCCa National Conference will be held in Fort Worth, TX, May 6-8th.  A great speaker itinerary and a great opportunity to experience Pendulum Strength Training Equipment. See you there! Getting Strong at the CSCCa

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