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The neck is part of our structure and should be exercised as extensively as any other muscular tissue. Pendulum builds a 4 and 5-Way Neck Machines that allow you to train the following head and neck movements and progressively overload them to maximize their strength:

* Neck extension
* Neck flexion
* Lateral neck flexion
* Deep neck flexors
* Upper trapezius
* Middle trapezius
* Protrusion
* Retraction

A comprehensive head and neck program is not only preventative sports medicine, but is a significant contributor to athletic performance and overall strength development. The following are a few of the contributions neck training makes to one’s development:

* Protect the athlete
* Attenuate and dissipate energy
* Lower subconcussive forces
* Enhance the ability to move the head quickly
* Increase balance and athleticism
* Increase blood flow to and from the brain
* Enhance the ability to cool in heat-related conditions
* Protect and strengthen the shoulder
* Return to play safely
* Reduce headaches
* Increase overall strength
* Do the right thing by training the entire system

There is always room for Neck Machines in a Facility


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