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Increasing Your Bench Press

Increasing Your Bench Press Without Bench Pressing

Pendulum Equipment

Part of the Pingry Schools Weight Room

Doug Scott is the Head Strength Coach at the Pingry School in New Jersey.  Doug runs a comprehensive, well thought out, strength and conditioning program for all the Pingry athletes.  Doug explains that training your neck often gives you unexpected results.

I have been working with a kid for about a month.  In that time the only thing we have been focusing on his neck, gripper, and hip press.  Today we went and added some bench presses – after not bench pressing for a month, in fact not doing any direct chest press work at all, he got stronger from his best 3×5.  I thought that was interesting.

His workout was this:

Pendulum 4-Way Neck – 4 directions

Pendulum Neck – 10 degree nod

Pendulum Neck – 25 degree tilt

1-arm shrug

2 arm shrug (trap bar)

Kelso shrug

Row (underhand grip)

Pendulum Gripper

Pendulum Hip Press

Pendulum Equipment

The Pingry Schools 5 Way Neck Machines


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