Increasing Your Bench Press Without Bench Pressing                             


Part of the Pingry Schools Weight Room

Doug Scott is the Head Strength Coach at the Pingry School in New Jersey.  Doug runs a comprehensive, well thought out, strength and conditioning program for all the Pingry athletes.  Doug explains that training your neck often gives you unexpected results.

I have been working with a kid for about a month.  In that time the only thing we have been focusing on his neck, gripper, and hip press.  Today we went and added some bench presses - after not bench pressing for a month, in fact not doing any direct chest press work at all, he got stronger from his best 3x5.  I thought that was interesting.

His workout was this:

Pendulum 4-Way Neck - 4 directions

Pendulum Neck - 10 degree nod

Pendulum Neck - 25 degree tilt

1-arm shrug

2 arm shrug (trap bar)

Kelso shrug

Row (underhand grip)

Pendulum Gripper

Pendulum Hip Press


The Pingry Schools 5 Way Neck Machines