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Increasing Your Combine Reps

Training For Repetition Endurance On The Bench Press                                             

Strength Training

Begin 5 Weeks Before The Test


Warm up

Bench Press 3 sets of 5 reps, you must get a total of 15 reps… achieving 5,4,3 means the lifter is 3 down and must remain at the bench with the same weight until 3 additional reps are achieved to total 15.

Finish Mondays program with as many reps as can be done with the weight you are trying to build endurance with i.e. 225 pounds…185 pounds…135 pounds


Building the endurance in the arms

Chin-ups – as many great reps as possible pausing at the top for a 1 count with the chin over the bar.  The lowering phase should take longer then the raising phase of each repetition.

Dips as many dips as possible pausing at the top of each repetition for a full 1 count.  The lowering phase should take longer than the raising phase.

Biceps – a standing barbell curl with a pause at the top.  The barbell curl should be done immediately following dips.  15-20 repetitions.

Triceps – A standing tricep pressdown.  The starting weight is a weight the athlete can do 12 repetitions with and fail on the 12th rep.  The athlete then remains at the machine without reducing the weight until he achieves 20 reps with great form. Quickly begin the slow chin.

Slow Chin – Starting at the top of the chin up bar the athlete lowers himself as slow as humanly possible. Every inch counts…. 1 rep  … record your time and quickly begin the slow dip.

Slow Dip – Starting at the top of the dipping exercise the athlete lowers himself as slow as possible…… 1 rep.

Bench Press  x  225 pounds or the selected weight 20 reps more than the total number of reps that you are trying to achieve on the test.  If your goal is 25 reps stay on the bench and do sets of maximal reps until you achieve 45 reps total even if it means doing sets of 1.  Each set is to be as many reps that can possibly be done.


Warm up

Your first set is your combine set.

Then Bench Press x 225 pounds or your combine selected weight 20 reps more than the total number reps than you are trying to achieve on the test.

Pendulum Equipment



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