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Interchangeable Handle System

A woman working out with Lat Combo Pull Interchangeable Handle System

Varying the type of handle you use on an exercise device has an effect on the musculature you are targeting.  Handle orientation, shape and size effect strength and overall development. Arm strength is usually highest when the direction of force applied is oriented parallel to the vector from the shoulder to the knuckle and weakest when oriented orthogonally to that vector. Abduction angle of the shoulder is also a large modifier of the pulling force capability of an individual with increasing abduction the force potential is reduced.

Take advantage of how the body develops and maximize the results with the Pendulum Lat Combo Pull.  The simple and quick interchangeable handle system addresses the biomechanics of exercise to Get you Strong.

Lat Combo Pull Interchangeable Handle System


2024 National Conference 

The 2024 CSCCa National Conference will be held in Fort Worth, TX, May 6-8th.  A great speaker itinerary and a great opportunity to experience Pendulum Strength Training Equipment. See you there! Getting Strong at the CSCCa

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