Jumping To High                                                                                            

The safest and most efficient way to improve the ability to jump higher is to do just that...practice jumping.  Adding a weight training program to a jumping regime will further add inches to an athletes vertical height. 

In the 70's, 80's & 90's there was an influx of studies on the improvement of the vertical jump utilizing plyometrics, drop jumping and box jumping.  The results indicated that biomechanical technique strongly effects the output of the musculature.  Once a sophisticated box or drop jumping program is derived skill becomes as important as jumping to illicit the appropriate response.  The bounce drop has been thought to produce a greater power output, while a countermovement drop jump produces more coordination.

Often the results of the studies indicated that the practice of jumping in itself with the appropriate biomechanics was as effective or more effective in increasing vertical jump than most alternative methods.

In the year 2011 studies indicate that drop jumping 8-12 inches is as or more effective than dropping from 2 feet with less risk to the knees.

Good old jumping up and down is still a good way to get off the ground if you Get strong.


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