No Magic Just the Basics                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

kimThe NFL's first Strength Coach and now retired, Kim Wood, has shaped the exercise world like no other.  Kim is the World's leading strength training historian and surrounds himself with the greatest personal collection of weight lifting memorabilia  He has coached in Super Bowls and coached some of the strongest players to have ever played the game.  There is possibly not one Strength Coach in America who hasn't trained on equipment that Kim developed or adopted exercises and methods he taught.

krumrie1Former All Pro Cincinnati Bengal and now coach Tim Krumrie tests prospective NFL draft picks hand combat ability.

Here is some of Kim Wood's insight into his approach to training: 

"The strength of football players is measured in many different ways.  Some coaches place great value on bench pressing ability or performance abilities in the other power lifts. Some coaches esteem performance abilities in the classical Olympic lifts."..."functional football strength is all we are interested in when we train our players."...."we are not training to be a power lifter or Olympic lifter..we are training to be a football player."


"I know of no other team in football that places such value on the training of the hands and forearms.  I know of only a few other programs that place any value on hands and forearms.  Many seem to forget that if you can control another man with your hands you've got him...and the greater the mass of your forearm and fists the greater the intensity of impact in football combat.  You play football with your hands and forearms and you must train your hands and forearms."


"Like all of our strength training we stick to the basics of high intensity every strength workout we will include three or four of the following hand/forearm exercises:"

Thick Bar Exercises 

Reverse Curls

Wrist curls

Reverse Wrist curls

Supination/Pronation Exercises

Grip Machines

Leverage Exercises with Heavy Sledge Hammers

Hanging from Bars

Wrist rollers

Pinch Gripping

One Finger and Two Finger Deadlifting

Dumbbell Hammer Curls


 Pendulum Gripper