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Keep Pace On The New 4 Way Head And Neck Machine

Keep Pace

The New Pendulum 4 Way Head And Neck Machine

Pendulum equipment

danDan Riley the former Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Washington Redskins and the Houston Texans, had a simple, yet extremely effective approach to neck training.  He connected a 60 second timer with a bell to each neck machine.

The athletes goal was 12 perfect repetitions in 60 seconds.  This was done in each direction on the 4 Way Neck machine followed by a shrugging exercise.  5 solid minutes of excellent neck strengthening. The athlete developed an internal clock and a schema of what a 5 second rep was.

Neck Cam

The repetitions that Dan coached were done with a pause at the top and performed maintaining muscular tension, as well as, addressing speed and momentum.  Dan coached exemplary repetitions. 12 repetitions each done in 5 seconds was the lifters rule and goal.  A great, yet simple approach to strength training the neck and traps.

Gabe Harrington the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Colgate University read about Dan’s protocol and has begun using a rollover timer, whereby every 5 seconds a beep goes off.  The athletes goal is to keep pace with the timer completing a rep with each beep.  This continues for the designated number of repetitions or until the athlete finally reaches momentary muscular failure.  Once the athlete reaches the designated reps the weight is raised the next workout or…….

Instead of asking the athlete to get 12 reps in 60 seconds and add weight, he can simply change the goal to 12 reps at a 6 second pace, which becomes 12 reps in 72 seconds.

The combinations of time and reps are voluminous and fun to play with.

Pendulum 5 way neck

There are many ways to approach strength training the Head and Neck.  There are many ways to progress training.  The best approach is to make sure the athlete trains the head and neck to Get Strong.

Pendulum Neck Shrug

 A Pendulum 5 Way Head And Neck Machine Is Also Available


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