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Knee Extension Angles

When performing leg extensions knee angles affect performance. As the angle changes different neural and mechanical outputs of the heads of the quadriceps affect force and power output.

Strength coaches, athletic trainers and physical therapists utilize ranges of motion to try to isolate various muscle bellies for the purpose of rehab. The ‘short arc’ in knee rehabilitation is used to illicit gains and try to isolate the vastus medialis oblique and vastus lateralis, the principle muscles that stabilize the patella during dynamic knee extension.

Normal range of motion of the knee on a leg extension machine is considered to be 0 degrees when there is a  completely straight knee joint and 135 degrees when the knee is fully bent.

Select the 0-30 degrees of movement using the range limiter on the Pendulum Leg Extension to target the quadriceps just above the knee to keep the knee strong.

Pendulum Leg Extension



Syracuse University rebuilds their weight room with Pendulum strength training equipment.

The Upper Back

Different hand and forearm positions alter the activity within the targeted musculature during a weight training movement that requires grasping. When strength training the upper back utilizing a rowing motion, how you grasp, wrist flexion, wrist extension, forearm pronation, forearm...

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