Statesman and philosopher Francis Bacon was born in London on January 22, 1561. He attended Trinity College, Cambridge, England in 1573. At the age of 12 years old he completed his course of study and graduated in December 1575. By 1584 Francis Bacon was a member of Parliament which he remained for four decades. One of his most famous quotes taken from his multiple written materials was "knowledge itself is power"; exuding the idea that having and sharing knowledge is the cornerstone of reputation and influence and it is where all achievements emanate from.

In October of 2020 the Journal of Human Kinetics published, Different Shoulder Exercises Affect the Activation of Deltoid Portions in Resistance-Trained Individuals. The authors concluded “......shoulder press and lateral raise exercises showed a higher level of muscle activation in the anterior deltoid and medial deltoid when compared to the bench press and dumbbell fly exercises.”

Knowing the value of each exercise does not determine what should be prioritized in workouts, but gives the coach and athlete the appropriate strategies for augmenting needed development. Maybe Francis Bacon meant “Knowledge Develops Power!”

Seated Shoulder Press
The Seated Shoulder Press

Manual lateral raise
Manual Lateral Raise