In a normal population Grip Strength reaches its maximum somewhere in the 3rd decade of life and tends to decrease around the age of 40 and on.  Gender, age, height and exercise are all significant predictors of grip force.

Lateral Pinch Grip is the distance between thumb and index finger.  Pinch grip strength varies monotonically, in other words, it may increase or decrease relative to spacing between fingers. Each finger has a different optimal grip span for exerting the maximum amount of force. This makes it important in grip training to address the variability in the way we grasp in order to become as strong as possible.

The Contribution of Each Digit Determines the Outcome

The Pendulum Grip Cart stores and provides the implements necessary to address the ways the hand interacts with objects. Outcomes in sports can be determined by the function of each digits interaction, whether it is grabbing a jersey, clasping an opponent's limb, throwing a ball, recovering a fumble, swinging a stick or applying force. Get the hands Strong address grip spacing.

The Pendulum Grip Cart