The MX-4 Wheelchair Accessible Multi-exerciser

The MX-4 was built from the ground up with accessibility for the user in mind. All stations allow for access and function from a wheelchair. 

Stations include:
The Pendulum 3-Way Row
The Pendulum Shoulder Press
The Pendulum Chest Press
Tricep Pressdowns
Bicep Curls 

And More

The MX-4 is built with the highest standards in the industry. Motorized push-button controls allow you to adjust the training position of the high/low pulley from a seated position.

The exercise machines are currently located in many VA Hospitals, Recreational Centers, Gyms, Homes and Physical Therapy Clinics around the country. The MX-4 should be considered when designing or adding to a facility.

Check out the MX-4, a great addition to provide quality training for the entire community.