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Kansas State Impact Athletic Training Tables

Athletic trainers are highly qualified, multi-skilled health care professionals. They provide first aid, evaluate injuries, implement rehabilitation, develop injury prevention programs, apply tape, bandages, and braces. They also work with physicians and healthcare professionals to provide wellness protection, clinically evaluate and diagnose immediate and emergency care and treatment.

The jobs of athletic trainers are important, multifaceted and present continuous challenges. Rogers Athletic designs 100% customizable equipment for the training room and on the athletic playing field with a wide array of color and graphic options to help with the complexity of providing outstanding healthcare. Rogers works hard to understand your current needs and brings forth solutions. Explore the Impact Athletic Catalog and contact Rogers Athletic.

Kansas State Impact Athletic Training Tables

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The human body is described as having 6 degrees of freedom for each of its segments. Degrees of freedom refers to the number of ways a rigid body can move in three-dimensional space, up/down, left/right,  in/out and in 3 rotations;...

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