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Medicine Ball 100 Reps 

Medicine Balls

The following is a 100 repetition non-stop medicine ball throw against a wall for time. The distance from the wall should be standardized, which is based upon the type and size of the med-ball being used. Each rep should be done as quickly and explosively as possible.

  1.  Chest Press Throw Standing x 10 reps

  2.  Overhead Throw Standing x 10 reps

  3.  Overhead Throw Seated x 10 reps 

  4.  Chest Press Throw Seated x 10 reps

  5.  Combo Sit-up To Chest Press Throw Seated x 10 reps

  6.  Chest Press Throw From Parallel Squat x 10 reps

  7.  Right Side Lateral Throw Standing  x 10 reps

  8.  Left Side Lateral Throw Standing x 10 reps

  9.  Chest Press Throw Standing x 10 reps

  10. Overhead Slam To The Ground x 10 reps

Med-Balls Rogers Athletic


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