The Big House has a Big Strength and Conditioning Clinic in the Glick Field House and the Schembechler Hall weight room.  The clinic was run by Aaron Wellman and his strength staff.

Michigan Football Strength Clinic

Michigan Clinic

Mark Naylor, former Ball State University Director of Strength and Conditioning and now Assistant Strength Coach at the University of Michigan, takes an athlete through a rigorous workout.

Michigan Clinic Neck

Neck extensions on the Pendulum 5 Way Neck

Michigan Football Dip

Dips on the Pendulum Power Rack

Michigan Football Pendulum Neck

Michigan Football Pendulum Belt Squat

Pit Shark Belt Squats on the Pendulum Rack

Pendulum Rope Pull

Rope Pulls on the Pendulum Rack

Squat Machine

The Pendulum Power Squat Pro