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Model the Normal Biological System

Whiplash is one of the most common types of injuries suffered in collisions, though most commonly associated with automobile accidents it can occur in falls, during athletics and in many other ways.  Whiplash remains a major health problem in terms of the effect on healthcare and societal costs.

Historically, there is an old controversial supposition that the cervical muscles do not play a significant role in it’s prevention.  In a recent 2019 study of automotive rear-impacts the cervical muscles, as well as, the erector spinae reacted prior to peak head acceleration in enough time to influence whiplash biomechanics and possibly injury.

These results were significant enough that researchers recommended that the influence of muscular contraction be incorporated into the development of the new rear-impact crash test dummies so that they model normal biological systems.

Pendulum 5 Way Neck

Training on the Pendulum 5 Way Head and Neck Machine

This reinforces the need for athletes to strengthen their head and neck muscles to reduce the impact of collisions, falls and lower the subconcussive forces associated with contact. Make sure head and neck training is an important part of your strength program when you Get Strong.



The bench press is performed in multiple ways; a variety of grip widths, feet up, feet on the floor, different speeds of movement, variable ranges of motion, various percentages of 1RM and more. All affect muscle activation during the pressing...

All Five Fingers

Using a Power Grip on the Pendulum Rope Pull The hand has its greatest gripping strength when utilizing a ‘power grip’, that is squeezing with all five fingers. When the thumb is negated, grip strength has the second greatest capability...

Hip Engagement 

There are an abundance of techniques utilized and taught to target the hips when squatting. Ankle, hip and thoracic mobility, posture, quad dominance, bar weight, bar height, stance and form adjustments are just a few of the things coaches address....