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Modular Training

The Pendulum MX- 4 Modular Training System

The Pendulum MX- 4 Modular Training System is a remarkable training tool that can be adjusted for athletes with many types of training limitations. The multi-station strength training system is distinctive, as it is wheelchair accessible.

The  MX- 4  has the exact strength curves and  the same smooth feel as the free standing equipment in the Pendulum line.   The multi-station machine includes a motorized pulley system, so an athlete in a seated position can adjust the range of motion with the push of a button.

A heavy-duty strength training gym built for the toughest athlete or soldier. It can be customized per trainee and is adaptable based on an individual’s specific needs. Built from 11-gauge American Steel, tooled and engineered to specific tolerances and adherence to the highest manufacturing processes for exercise equipment – a LIFETIME warranty on frames and welds.

Warrior Medical and Fitness is a registered non- profit 501(c)(3), whose goal is to raise funds to provide exercise tools like the MX- 4 Multi- exerciser to injured Veterans and those with accessible needs.  They place these exercise machines in VA hospitals, Community Centers, Gyms and Physical Therapy offices across the country.   For more information and how to participate in helping our veterans go to –

The MX- 4 Multi-exercise Machine



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All Five Fingers

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Hip Engagement 

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