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Myokines And Muscle

Weight room

A Pendulum Strength Training Facility

It is known that physical activity decreases the risk of disease. Exercise is often recommended as a medicine for lifestyle-related disorders such as type 2 diabetes, cancer as well as, neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases to reduce their risks.

Skeletal muscle is not only for posture, locomotion and maintaining the physical activities of daily living, it is an energy production and consumption system that influences the entire  body’s energy metabolism.

Skeletal muscle is also an important organ that produces and secretes hundreds of myokines that exert their effects in either autocrine, (leading to changes in the same cell), paracrine (signaling to nearby cells) and endocrine systems (a complex network of glands and organs).

Myokines affect lipid metabolism, glucose metabolism, bone formation, cell function, skin, tumor growth, cognition and much more.  Myokines are secreted by muscle contractions, restoring metabolic balance in our system and are able to help us regain health.

This does not mean that nutrition, lifestyle, medication, circadian rhythm and several more influences are not important in myokine stimulation. But, it indicates that the inclusion of resistance training is and should be a part of one’s daily living.

Joining a health club, adding strength training equipment to your personal space, working with a trainer are some of the ways of making strength training an integral part of life, as it is a crucial part of maintaining one’s health.


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