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Neck Flexion And The Shoulders

We elevate our shoulders and lower our chin to protect our head and cervical spine from being thrust backwards prior to a conceived stressor. When we strength train on a neck machine during the lowering phase we tend to shrug our shoulders to care for ourselves from fatiguing neck muscles and a returning weighted face pad.

Pendulum 4 Way Neck

We Tend to Shrug During Neck Flexion

When initiating a  repetition we typically elevate the shoulders as the head moves forward and retain the elevated position in case the weight returns quickly – a natural mental response. By engaging the traps it is also much easier to move the resistance as the trapezius muscles provide additional leverage.  All of this is very normal, but not in the best interest of maximally developing the neck.

Pendulum 4 Way Neck

Using the Traps to Initiate Neck Flexion

Pendulum 4 Way Neck

The Traps Elevated – Expecting the Weight to Return to the Starting Position

The Pendulum 4 and 5-Way Neck Machines are manufactured with range limiters and positioned handles to address function of movement under the stress of exercise. Setting the range limiter to hole 4 or greater will stop the face pad at a range  whereby the athlete feels secure and is less likely to shrug. When the athlete is sufficiently strong and neurally adept he or she will feel comfortable and range of motion can be increased.

Pendulum 4 Way Neck

Keeping the Traps out of Neck Flexion

Once the user is familiar with the exercise movement and is getting strong the lifter should no longer hold the front handles and utilize the handle located directly behind his or her back. This  takes the traps out of the exercise and the neck will Get extremely Strong.

Pendulum 4 Way Neck

Using the Reverse Grip to Train Neck Flexion


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