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Neck Flexion Of The Cervical Spine

Pendulum neck machine

The cervical spine is complex and exhibits variable and paradoxical motions.  The behaviors of the cervical joints in response to movement under normal conditions or even small changes of patterns is not consistent according to the direction of motion.

When we flex to extend or extend to flex a change in a segment can vary as much as 5-15 degrees.  What this means is that there is a possible 10-30 degrees of difference in a cervical spine motion during neck flexion.

The following is what occurs in the cervical joints at each segment during flexion of the neck:

C4-C7 Initiates the Movement

C6-C7 Maximally Contracts

C5-C6 Variable Flexion or Extension

C4-C5 Variable Flexion or Extension

C0-C2 Flexion

C2-C3 Variable Flexion or Extension

C3-C4 Variable Flexion or Extension

C6-C7 Moves to Slight Extension

Once a seat height is set the variation of range of motion is normal and  there is 100% variation between individuals.  The seat height should remain at the same locale each exercise bout with the understanding  there will be alterations in degrees of movement workout to workout.

The Pendulum Neck face pad has 15 adjustments, which like the cervical spine alters range of motion.  To augment your training with this unpredictable complex of bones, engage as much of the neck musculature as possible by taking advantage of the machine’s adjustable pad feature.

The Pendulum Adjustable Face Pad

Example of a 5 Week Training Routine for Neck Flexion:

Goal of 8-12 reps at each Set and Hole Setting

Monday Flexion: Set 1- hole #1,  Set 2- hole #4, Set 3- hole #11

Wednesday Flexion: Set 1 – hole #4, Set 2- hole #11, Set 3- hole #15

Friday Flexion: Set 1- hole #1, Set 2- hole #4, Set 3- hole #15

After 5 Weeks Modify the Routine to Keep Getting Stronger


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