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Neck Mathematics

Strength training the neck is an important consideration in athletics. The goal is to lower the concussive and subconcussive forces protecting the athlete. Neck development increases the stiffness of the neck’s musculature and over time changes its circumference. Bigger, stiffer and stronger necks are as important as bench pressing, squatting and cleaning weights or any other selected weight training exercise.

The results of increasing the neck’s size can easily be seen by mathematically looking at what happens to a cylinder by increasing its diameter by a few inches.

4 way neck machine

The Pendulum 5-Way Neck

In the following example two cylinders with different diameters support a given load with constant stiffness across the diameter. The load is normal to and evenly distributed over the top. The cylinder is resting on a solid surface, which will be considered of being of infinite stiffness.

Cylinder 1 –  Diameter = 6 in.     Cylinder 2 – Diameter = 8 in.

                      Length = 6 in.                             Length = 6 in.

                      Stiffness = 100 lb/in/in2             Stiffness = 100 lb/in/in2

Applied Load:  100 Lbs. 

Deflection of cylinder 1:

Area = Pi * r2 = Pi * (3in) 2 = 28.27in

Deflection = Pressure/Stiffness = (100lbs/28.27in2 )/(100lbs/in/in2 )  = 0.0354in

Deflection of cylinder 2:

Area = Pi * r2 = Pi * (4in) 2 = 50.26in

Deflection = Pressure/Stiffness = (100lbs/50.26in2 )/(100lbs/in/in2 )   = 0.0199in 

This indicates that for two cylinders with the same properties supporting identical loads a reduction of deflection of 43% is realized by increasing the diameter by 25%.

When you include the increase of stiffness and speed of contraction into an equation the resultant is much more significant.

Great Additions to Any Weight Room

This mathematical example shows how small changes give you big results. Strength training the cylindrical neck adds to its size, stiffness and speed of contraction, which aids in athleticism and protects the athlete in sport.

Get the neck Strong.


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