This month the Journal of Electromyography & Kinesiology published, Neck muscle fatigue affects performance of an eye-hand tracking task. Their findings were - “Neck muscle fatigue reduced the accuracy of an upper limb tracking task to a hidden target, suggesting that altered afferent input from the neck due to fatigue may impair body schema and result in decreased upper limb performance accuracy.”

In any sport fatigue affects performance. For an athlete it is necessary to spend countless hours on skill development and numerous hours on fitness to assure they can perform at the highest level during the entire competition. When training the muscular system neglect nothing, each body part contributes to the outcome. Neck training should be included in any exercise regime and relegated important as other muscular groups so performance occurs at an optimal level.

Never neglect training the head and neck muscles when you Get Strong.

Pendulum 5 Way Neck

The Pendulum 5-Way Head and Neck Machine