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Negative chins

Negative Only Chins

chin up

Some exercises are just harder than others and some exercises cause more muscular pain than others.  Leg extensions are notorious for muscular burning sensations, high rep squats require mental preparation and present a challenge, deadlifts make everything ache.  But the exercises that makes you second guess why you are training has to be Negative Only Chins.

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Negative only chins are one of the most productive exercises in the gym and will quickly build enormous strength and power. Athletes who were never capable of doing a chin-up suddenly are doing repetitions.  Learning to overcome the pain of this challenging exercise helps the trainee with every lift that they do.  A great great exercise in physical and mental strength.

If you can do several chins on your own, begin the exercise by placing a weighted belt around your waist.  If you can not do any chins your body weight will be suffice.  Your goal should be 8 repetitions at an 8 count.

Chin UpThe exercise begins with your chin exactly over the bar, every inch of the negative only chin exercise is important in building the enormous strength this exercise is capable of producing.  Starting each rep in this chin bar relationship is critical.

When beginning to perform a repetition the tendency is to grab the bar and squeeze your hands tightly to hold your body in the starting position.   Grab the bar and think about using your upper back muscles not squeezing your hands and you will find you can hold the position much easier.

chin bottomSlowly begin the decent.  Understand you should be exactly half way down with your upper arms parallel to the floor in four seconds and all the way down with your arms straight in 8 seconds.  Allowing your arms to be straight and stretched at the bottom of the movement is as difficult as maintaining a chin over the bar at the beginning of the exercise.

Once a repetition is completed quickly, either climb or have someone assist you to the starting position.  There is no positive or concentric work involved.

Pendulum Equipment

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Every inch of the exercise is important being half way down in four seconds means that you’re 1/4 of the way down in 2 seconds and 1/8 of the way down in 1 second.  Perfect repetitions is what you are after.  The exercise is completed when you can no longer keep an 8 second pace.  Only count perfect reps before you add weight.

The Pit Shark is made for this great exercise.  Pendulum has added a detachable  Pit Shark to its Pendulum Power Rack.  Now you can feel good as you feel bad during Negative Only Chins while Getting Strong.

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