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Negative Only On The Pendulum Combo Lat Pull

Doing one arm negative only rope pulldowns on the Pendulum Combo Lat Pull will do wonders in increasing an athletes ability to do chins. This exercise increases the hands ‘power grip’ strength while accelerating latissimus dorsi growth.

The goal is 8 negative repetitions at an 8 count

To start the exercise bring the rope low and tight toward to the body and pause. The tendency is to grab the rope and squeeze the hands tightly. The athlete should think about using the upper back muscles not squeezing the hand during training.

Pendulum Lat Combo Pull

Once paused slowly begin the ascent. The lifter should be exactly half-way up with the upper arm parallel to the floor in four seconds and all the way up with the arm straight in 8 seconds. Allow the arm to stretch at the top of the movement. Once a repetition is completed quickly grab the rope with two arms and return the weight to the starting position. After pausing slowly release the hand you are assisting the movement with. You should be able to hold the weight in the bottom position at a dead stop before beginning the 8 second count.

Pendulum Lat Combo Pull

Every inch of the exercise is important, being half way back in four seconds means that you are 1/8 of the way back in 1 second  and 1/4 of the way back in 2 seconds. Perfect repetitions is what you are after. The exercise is completed when you can no longer keep an 8 second pace. The goal is 8 reps at an 8 second count. Only accept absolutely perfect reps before adding weight.

Pendulum Lat Combo Pull

The Pendulum Lat Combo Pull Gets you Strong



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