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Never Too Old

Strengthening The Head And Neck Musculature Has Unexpected Outcomes


Ralph Cornwell is a Ph.D. candidate in Health Promotion/Human Performance at Virginia Tech.  Ralph has derived a protocol utilizing the Pendulum 5 Way Neck and Pendulum 3 Way Row that put upwards of 4 inches on an athletes neck in 8 weeks.  Utilizing the exact same protocol with a group of young women he has shown that they can make the same relative significant strength gains without a corresponding increase in circumference.  Increasing circumference and/or passive stiffness helps to dissipate force and protect an athlete from injury by lowering concussive forces.

Pendulum Workout

An Athlete Uses The Underhand Grip On The Pendulum 3 Way Row

Ralph Cornwell decided to look at the aging female and strength training of the head and neck.  He chose 6 females in the age range between 65 and 85.   The starting weight was 1/2 pound on all head and neck movements.

Ralph explains…. We trained using the exact protocol as the male and female studies.  Strength increased.  Neck circumference decreased or remained the same.  At the end of 6 weeks the strongest senior female increased neck extension strength to 17.5 pounds for 12 slow controlled reps.  All the ladies felt that balance, posture and confidence in movement were improved.

One of the ladies has a sister that is confined to a wheel chair.  She was concerned she would no longer be able to care for her.  After the 6 weeks she reported that about week 4 her sister seemed to be getting less heavy.  This week she carried her sister unassisted up a flight of stairs.  The female subject said, ” she had not been able to perform that task alone for the last 10 years.”

You’re Never Too Old To Get Strong

Pendulum Equipment

Pendulum Equipment

Michigan’s Novi High Schools 4 Way Neck Machines


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