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No Pain, No Gain?

Tear The Muscle Down? 

Working out with Pendulum MachinesWe grew up thinking the purpose of strength training was to tear muscle tissue so it would respond and grow stronger in recovery. We surmised that the damage to the tissue was in some way tied into the growth process or muscle remodeling.

Hence, there are the statements, when you work out you “tear the muscles down” and then rebuild them. The adage “no pain, no gain” has been associated with muscle tearing and the intensity of the exercise.

It is true that skeletal muscle is a dynamic tissue and will remodel after being “torn down”.  As it turns out muscles can, grow, rebuild, or hypertrophy independent of any detectable damage to the musculature.

Man Muscle damage without training is just that, muscle damage. To much tissue tearing while training is also muscle damage. After a muscle injury repair is necessary. Nothing in the repair process made you stronger, though there is remodeling, you are left weaker.

After a strength training session you may or may not need muscle repair.  Only the training session increases muscular strength. In every scientific model of muscle hypertrophy the first response to strength training is an increase of protein synthesis.

If protein synthesis is more than the increase in muscle breakdown or the needed repair, the muscle will get bigger and stronger. If the synthesis is less, the muscle will not.

It is sensible training and a well constructed program that Gets you Strong.


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Pendulum Machines

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