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Non-obvious Indicators

Non-obvious Indicators

Pendulum Hip PressPendulum Hip PressPendulum Hip PressPendulum Hip Press

Non-obvious indicators often lead you to the right result. Retail executives have been known to survey oil stains in a store’s parking lot to see how well the customers are maintaining their cars to gauge their financial condition. Researching clothing sales and finding a large increase in the volume of extra large and larger may be an indication that Americans are getting fatter and not fitter. This becomes a good reason for an entrepreneurial movement in the health field market. Companies must always look at the market in unique ways to stay ahead of their competitors.


Mike Gittleson was the Director of Strength & Conditioning at the University of Michigan for 30 years and was a part of 15 Football Championships in that time. He explains, that it pays to pay attention.


Several years ago, I had a prototype Hip Press that I was playing with in our weight room, it was on loan from Tyler Hobson of Pendulum.

On Friday, before a home game, I began noticing athletes who were going to play a game the next day would sit on the new Hip Press and do several reps. I asked “Whats Up?” as I didn’t particularly think exercising in this manner was advantageous before a contest. The athlete replied, “Stretching my back and legs out coach.”

Pendulum Hip Press

University of Kentucky Weight Room

The athletes had recognized what was occurring to their bodies during the week when using the Hip Press. They liked the way it felt, and as a group, had figured out it was a great way to loosen up before a game.  The athletes were not articulating what was occurring,  but they were showing me through activity.  It was apparent that leg pressing in this position was not only strengthening the athlete, but stretching their hamstrings and lower back as well.

Pendulum Hip Press

University of Louisville Weight Room

I had a dozen or so Leg Press Machines in the weight room, during training sessions athletes and coaches were waiting to use Tyler’s prototype Hip Press.  Waiting for one particular machine when you had a dozen others angered me as it is weight training not waiting to train.

It became evident I needed to change products and go with Tyler’s now well known Hip Press.  As a coach you must pay attention to non-obvious indicators that occur in many many ways.

Pendulum Hip Press

West Virginia Basketball Weight Room

I don’t know how you can run a strength training facility without a good viable leg press. I can’t remember a season where we did not have a cast on a hand or an athlete that at one point had shoulder issues. The leg press became the staple of training.

Pendulum Hip Press

 University of Florida Weight Room

What I like about the Pendulum Hip press:

1). It increases range of motion of the hips as a part of normal training.

2). You can throw a sand bag on the back of the seat and after a challenging set of leg presses quickly begin squatting with the bag without leaving the machine.  An effective way to acquire all the benefits of squatting without ever laying a bar across your back.

Pendulum Hip Press

3). You can keep your ankle perpendicular to your foot to strongly attack your hips and glutes and effectively train someone who complains of there patella when squatting.

4). It makes your athletes lower back feel better as a part of normal training and improves their range of motion.  It helps the big men get low.

5). Athletes with shoulders, arms, hands and casts can train and increase their lower body strength.

6)). It is a rotary movement and matches our rotary skeletal system

Most of all it is a good way to Get Strong.

Pendulum Hip PressAll-Pro Jake Long


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