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Nutrient Intake and Timing

Trying to maximize the effect of strength training is as important as the effort given. Volume, progressions used, length of time between bouts, sleep, recovery, nutritional status and nutritional timing all enter into the equation of development.

Eating or drinking carbohydrates before exercise workouts can  contribute to performance and may allow for longer workouts and/or higher intensity. High-quality protein sources stimulate robust increases in muscle protein synthesis. 

The addition of protein may minimize muscle damage, promote favorable hormone balance and accelerate recovery from intense exercise. And the timing of energy sources and ratio of certain macronutrients may enhance tissue repair.

Talk with a professional about when and what food intake you may need before and after exercise and magnify your results.

Pendulum 3 Way Row

Pendulum 3-Way Row


Grip Force

A solid grip has repeatedly been tied to having a healthier and longer life and without question is a huge factor in almost all  athletics. Recent studies shed light on the intricate relationship between hand strength and overall athletic performance....

Freedom To Excel

The human body is described as having 6 degrees of freedom for each of its segments. Degrees of freedom refers to the number of ways a rigid body can move in three-dimensional space, up/down, left/right,  in/out and in 3 rotations;...

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